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Raha Name Meaning and Who we are at Raha Tattoo

Raha Name Meaning and Who we are at Raha Tattoo
From the heart of the small town Raha in Assam, Raha Tattoo has been successfully providing permanent tattoos services and accessories since the past 15 years. The Raha name meaning is joy, something that we want all of our customers to have after getting a tattoo at Raha Tattoo.
We have over ten thousand happy clients with our team of expert tattoo artists and millions of people from 190 countries have used our new-fashioned accessories that last 1-2 weeks.
For us, at Raha tattoo it's all about the meaning attached to every tattoo we deliver, that feeling you get when you finally get your dream tattoo - that feeling is the true meaning of Raha and what we strive to embody every single day with every single client at Raha Tattoo.

Raha name origin and Raha Tattoo.

The journey of our founders towards establishing the Raha name origin and Raha Tattoo.
Our founders Tejas Mahek and Bhavesh Rajni started Raha Tattoo from in Assam, called Raha meaning bliss. They started working on this company at a very young stage in their life as two twenty year olds offering tattoo services to people all around town with one goal in mind, spread the Raha name meaning.
A lot has changed since those days for both of our now very well established founders, but one thing remains the same - the Raha name meaning. For both of our founders, Tejas Mahek and Bhavesh Rajni the most satisfying part of this venture has been forming a community that trusts Raha Tattoo through their self-expression journey and trust that Raha means serious business when it comes to tattoos.
Our founders Tejas Mahek and Bhavesh rajni are continuously working on and striving to find new ways to better our services for our clients and business partners, new advances, and help to empower the constantly evolving journey and story of you, through Raha means.
This is all to say that at Raha Tattoo, we believe that amazing design and art in any form, including tattoos should be available for anyone. Because the power of art and self-expression can make people really happy. And we at Raha Tattoo are in the business of making people happy. That is why we do what we do. Client happiness is at the core of Raha Tattoo and at the forefront of any of our visionary ideas. We strongly believe that excellent products paired with great customer service and a staff that considers clients family is exactly the type of community that can provide our customers a great experience. And we believe that, for whoever comes at Raha Tattoo, should leave with a smile on their face.
A Raha tattoo is the simplest and best way to make a reflective life change.
Tattoos are a transformational tool, and can help transform or build a person's identity. Our founders were obsessed with producing inventive ways to support any big breakthroughs a person might go through, with art. Raha tattoo was born to do just that. With every tattoo and its ability to completely change a person's outlook on life suffice to say, results have even been life-changing with Raha Tattoo.
Tattoo on the skin. Impact on the soul.
Can a Raha tattoo or any tattoo for that matter leave a lasting impression on our self? Affirm our purposes and goals? Leave a positive mark on the world of that person? Bizarre as it may seem to some people, our founders think the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Raha Tattoo is on a tireless mission to deliver around the world, one body and tattoo at a time.
With our fast-paced lives with endless tasks to do and lists, we need all the assistance we can get to help us to stay calm, motivated and attentive towards our well-being. A lot of us already acquainted with the most prevalent techniques or things that can bring us joy and calm, like meditation, yoga, and long walks in nature. These techniques are all wonderful and have surely to be effective for many. But the problem is, that more times than not, once finished with these self-help rituals, we quickly can find ourselves back in our old routines, and maybe find ourselves being extremely agitated in the middle of the day unable to get anything done on time or at all. A permanent calming reminder on yourself in the form of a self-care tattoo can be of great help to always have that reminder to help keep you grounded.
Wouldn't it be great to have something permanent that never goes away that would help us in those out-of-control times when one simply loses complete control over themselves? Well, one great way to keep our intentions top of mind is to also keep them on your body itself! With one of our Self Care Tattoo designs handpicked and designed in-house by our very own artists you could keep a reminder you love permanently on your body. It is with this clear-cut determination, that our founders Tejas Mahek and Bhavesh Rajni came up this unique idea and helped establish these distinctive, unexpected, and useful tools. With over five thousand designs that keep being updated first of every month things such as inspiring quotes, and empowering sayings, it is extremely easy and simple to pick out the perfect self care reminder to support you with whatever you are struggling in your life and need help with.